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Servicing a boiler - AMC Oil Boiler Services
Harry and Dave helping AMC Oil Boiler Services
Our Services

Experience first-class customer service with AMC Oil Boiler Services.

Our team works tirelessly to deliver top-quality solutions, from professional maintenance and repairs to expert boiler installations. Let us take care of your heating needs with our comprehensive range of services. 


Take a look at our services below to learn more.

Maintenance Service
Maintenance Service by AMC Oil Boiler Services

OFTEC and boiler manufacturers recommend that oil boilers are serviced every year to ensure they are working safely and efficiently.


Regular servicing of oil boilers is important to ensure their safe and efficient operation. It can also help to identify potential issues before they become more serious problems, and can improve the overall lifespan of the boiler.

Breakdown and Repairs
Boiler Repairs  by AMC Oil Boiler Services

In the event of a boiler breakdown, you can rely on us to get your home warm and water hot again as quickly as possible.

Get in contact and we will be there to support you.

Boiler commission by AMC Oil Boiler Services

All newly installed boilers need to be set up by an OFTEC engineer to ensure its set up correctly and to validate the manufacturer's warranty.

Get in contact with AMC Oil Boiler Services to arrange your visit.

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